City of Los Angeles Covenant and Agreement

The City of Los Angeles Covenant and Agreement: Understanding the Basics

The City of Los Angeles Covenant and Agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms of a land grant given to the city by the United States government in 1781. This covenant and agreement, also known as the “Los Angeles pueblo lands grant,” established the boundaries of the city and granted land to its residents.

The covenant and agreement states that the land is to be used for the benefit of the residents of Los Angeles, and that any land not being used for public purposes will be returned to the city. This ensures that the city can continue to develop and grow for the benefit of its residents.

The document also establishes the rules and regulations for the use of the land, including limitations on building heights and restrictions on certain types of businesses. This helps to maintain the character of the city and preserve its historic and cultural significance.

Additionally, the covenant and agreement established the “Alcalde,” or mayor, of Los Angeles as the official representative of the city and the person responsible for enforcing the terms of the document.

The City of Los Angeles Covenant and Agreement is an important piece of the city`s history and continues to have an impact on its development today. It serves as a reminder of the city`s origins and the commitment of its founders to create a community that benefits its residents.

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